Monday, September 3, 2012

Russia River Cruise & Birding

Spent most of the month of August in Russia with then 5 more days in Ukraine.

The main portion of the trip was a Russia River Cruise which began in Saint Petersburg along various rivers and lakes, eventually arriving in Moscow; then fly from Moscow, Russia to Kiev, Ukraine.  It was a truly wonderful experience seeing so much of these beautiful big cities along with plenty of river edge countryside within Russia. 

It was a fantastic trip of much learning and discovery!   Enjoy!

Birding along the Volga River in Russia

Tufted Duck - male in Lake Onega; Petrozavodsk 

Lesser Black-backed Gull - Neva River; Saint Petersburg

Northern Wheatear - Svir River; Svirstroy

White-tailed Eagle - Kovzha River; Goritsy
Eurasian Magpie -  Kizhi Island; Lake Onega

 Hooded Crow -  Svirstroy 
Black Kite -  Volga River; Uglich

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